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DSD acquires portfolio of community solar projects in NY and MD


DSD, Distributed Solar Development, an innovative clean energy company, announced this week it acquired a portfolio of solar projects across New York and Maryland. The portfolio has a 41,5 megawatts capacity; all of its included projects are under development.

Firstly, the portfolio is expected to produce a combined output of 59,279,990 kWh annually. Such an amount would be enough to power more than 5000 homes and to offset over 42,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Specifically, the projects in New York are six and add up to 32MW of community solar capacity. In addition, two of them will include 19,700 kWh of energy storage. Of all the capacity from the projects, 60% will go to residents and small businesses; while the remaining 40% will go to commercial and industrial offtakes.

Moreover, the New York projects will begin construction in the first quarter of 2022 and reach commercial operation by the end of next year. To manage the output for commercial and industrial users, DSD will manage the power purchase agreements for the New York locations. At the same time, Arcadia will manage contracts for mass market customer acquisition across the entire portfolio.

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DSD to manage power purchase agreements with industrial users

On the other hand, the Maryland projects are three, the total output of those would reach 9,5 MW. The 100% of this output will go to residents and small businesses in the local communities. This trio of projects are currently under development and will reach commercial operation around the first quarter of 2022.

Furthermore, the projects will represent an opportunity for residents and other consumers to lower their energy bills; the projects would offer a more accessible entrance for communities to clean energy. About such matter, Andrew Thurston, Director of Asset Acquisitions at DSD, said. “Helping local institutions and residents save money on energy bills, while also improving the environment is a win-win for everyone involved in the projects.”

Finally, he remarked. “Our continued community solar expansion in both New York and Maryland is a result of our deep expertise and strong industry partnerships that enable the implementation and operation of clean, renewable energy in impactful ways across various regions.”

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