TotalEnergies Expands in Suriname: A Step Forward in Energy Development


In a significant move, TotalEnergies and its partners have recently expanded their foothold in Suriname​1. The multinational energy company signed Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) on Blocks 6 & 8 with Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname, the state-owned oil company​2.

Major Players in the Deal

TotalEnergies, a global multi-energy company, operates in nearly 130 countries​3. In the Suriname deal, it holds a 40% interest in Blocks 6 and 8. Moreover, QatarEnergy and Paradise Oil Company (POC), a subsidiary of Staatsolie, hold 20% and 40% stakes, respectively​4.

Strategic Location

Firstly, blocks 6 and 8, located in the southern part of offshore Suriname, are close to the border with Guyana. Secondly, these shallow water blocks are immediately adjacent to Block 58, where several discoveries have been made, and appraisal drilling is ongoing.

Implications for the Future

This expansion is considered a strategic move for TotalEnergies. Likewise, Kevin McLachlan, Senior Vice President of Exploration at TotalEnergies, expressed the company’s satisfaction in extending its operatorship position in Suriname.

In conclusion, TotalEnergies’ increased presence in Suriname marks a new milestone in the company’s commitment to affordable, cleaner, more reliable, and accessible energy. This move also strengthens its international partnership with QatarEnergy, marking its first entry into Suriname.

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