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Western Rare Earths joins Critical Materials Institute

Western Rare Earths

Western Rare Earths, a subsidiary of American Rare Earths Limited, an exploration and technology company focused on the development of its Rare Earth elements, announced this Tuesday it will join the Critical Materials Institute (CMI) as a team member.

Firstly, Western Rare Earths operates critical assets that have the potential to be some of the largest rare earth deposits in the United States. Consequently, by joining the CMI, the company will expand its potential for Research & Development and technology licensing.

Moreover, the CMI is a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary consortium led by the Ames Laboratory. Indeed, the Institute acts as an energy innovation hub for the US Department of Energy.

Particularly, the Institute focuses on developing innovative solutions to assure supply chains for materials critical to clean energy technologies; especially those in the Rare Earth Elements realm. These materials are critical for the clean energy sector, especially for the manufacture of wind turbines; solar panels, electric vehicles, and energy-efficient lighting.

In addition, the DOE reported that the rare earth elements supply chains will face several challenges for the next years; consequently, the joining of Western Rare Earths to the CMI will strengthen the Institute’s and the US’ rare earths sector.

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Western Rare Earths involved in a project TBA in early 2022

Furthermore, and as outlined above, the CMI is a public/private partnership, led by the Ames Laboratory. It brings together the best and brightest research minds from universities, national laboratories, and the private sector.

Notably, the main goal of the CMI is to find innovative technology solutions that will help avoid a supply shortage that would threaten the US clean energy industry as well as security interests.

Consequently, Western Rare Earths, as a team member of the CMI, will have the opportunity to drive R&D, the option to license technology for deployment and provide input to CMI research programs.

Finally, the company’s invitation to become a CMI Team Member is a result of being a cost-sharing co-applicant to a CMI R&D project. This project has been recently approved and will be announced in early 2022.

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