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Budderfly partners with Amazon for energy efficiency and data analytics services

Budderfly AWS

Budderfly, a leader in the digitalization, IoT and cloud-based solutions, announced this Thursday it partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide secure, cloud-based data collection and analytics services.

Firstly, Amazon Web Services will enhance Budderfly’s EnergyCloud solution; AWS’s elasticity will enable Budderfly’s solution to scale up its data collecting and also analytics capabilities; particularly, on circuits and devices to better isolate specific power loads; and create insightful dashboard displays.

Secondly, AWS collects all power-consuming information from connected equipment at customer locations. In fact, AWS represents the IoT and data backbone for the company’s Budderfly EnergyCloud.

Thirdly, the devices connected to the solution are equipped with a unique Budderfly IoT sensor that securely passes information to the AWS IoT cloud; using AWS Greengrass and AWS FreeRTOS.

Moreover, AWS Greengrass allows the equipment to act in real-time on Budderfly’s data; which is generated nu proprietary devices. Consequently, AWS Greengrass executes predictions based on machine learning models and pre-set power circuit (load) filters.

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Budderfly at the forefront of EEaaS

In addition, once the data is on Budderfly’s data lake, it is curated on a serverless AWS Glue big data processing cluster. Such data then goes into Amazon QuickSight to create and publish interactive Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards; to which the user can access via any device.

Furthermore, this information allow customers to make better executive decisions, save costs and redirect funds to where they are better needed. This is what is called the Energy-efficiency-as-a-service (EEaaS); a market on which Budderfly and Amazon will strengthen their position.

About the benefits of this partnership, Chris DeBenedictis, VP Technology, Budderfly, said. “When it comes to reducing energy consumption for our customers; Budderfly is always on the hunt for best-of-breed technologies.”

Finally, he remarked. “These new technologies we combine them to our current energy solutions; so they methodically pinpoint power waste; visualize the performance of equipment upgrades, and also provide operational insights into energy usage.”

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