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Charging Fuel and your EV: 7-Eleven to install 500 EV charging ports by 2022

Charging Fuel and your EV: 7-Eleven to install 500 EV charging ports by 2022

On Tuesday, the international chain of convenience stores, 7-Eleven, announced it is looking to capture the growing market of EV drivers. Thus, the company said it will install 500 direct-current fast charging ports at 250 locations across North America by the end of 2022.

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Indeed, 7-Eleven will own and operate these charging ports instead of the fuel available at its filling stations, which must be purchased from suppliers. Worth noting, the company made this investment decision since as more Americans transition to electric vehicles, a primary reason people visit convenience stores will disappear.

Why is 7-Eleven installing EV charging ports?

For instance, Many EVgo, ChargePoint, or Tesla’s Supercharger charging stations are located in a patchwork of parking lots adjacent to shopping malls or retailers like Target. However, still, a significant draw of convenience stores like 7-Eleven is that they locate in areas adjacent to highways or major roads.

Similarly, 7-Eleven may have another advantage in installing DC fast chargers instead of slower level 2 chargers. For instance, most convenience retailers are designed for quick, in-and-out service. In contrast, 7-Eleven can offer temperature-controlled places to sit.

Indeed, while older EV models are limited by the number of kilowatt charges they can accept, newer vehicles can take a broader range of charging rates.

In this sense, the company’s President and CEO, Joe DePinto, commented; “7‑Eleven has always been a leader in new ideas and technology to serve the needs of our customers better.”


Therefore, “adding 500 charging ports at 250 7‑Eleven stores will make EV charging more convenient. Besides, they’ll help accelerate the broader adoption of EVs and alternative fuels. Thus, we are committed to the communities we serve and to working toward a more sustainable future.”

As the lack of charging infrastructure remains one of the largest barriers to EV adoption; planned build-outs from mainstream retailers like the one announced by 7-Eleven could help reduce some consumer hesitancy over EVs.

Moreover, the 500 charging ports will join 7-Eleven’s existing network of 22 charging stations; in fact, located in 14 stores across four states.

Finally, DePinto said, “our legacy is bringing convenience to the customer, and that continues to evolve; from ice on a dock in 1927 to electricity for your car today.”

Therefore, “7‑Eleven’s rapid expansion of EV charging ports across the country is good for our customers and our planet. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.”

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