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NY PSC approves 174 Power Global’s East River Energy Storage Project


Today, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for a 100-megawatt (MW) energy storage project in Astoria, Queens. Indeed, the leading solar and energy storage company wholly owned by the Hanwha Group, 174 Power Global, is in charge of this project, the East River Energy Storage Project.

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Thus, 174 Power Global plans to re-purpose and construct the East River Energy Storage Project on the leased property; particularly, currently owned by the New York Power Authority. Indeed, this project will use land on the site once occupied by the former Charles Poletti power plant.

About the East River Energy Storage Project

In fact, the East River Energy Storage Project could begin operations in 2023. Besides, it is the largest battery energy storage project in the late stages of development in New York State under contract with a utility.

Moreover, 174 Power Global expects the East River Battery Energy Storage Project to store or release electricity on demand. Thus, it can replace power produced by a fleet of fossil fuel plants. Accordingly, it could help support the integration of new sources of renewable energy; for instance, offshore wind, hydro, and solar generation.

In fact, generating power from energy discharged by the battery system can aid in improving air quality. It also can lead to greenhouse gas reductions by offsetting carbon-intensive peak generation; particularly, since the batteries charge during times of low demand and can generate energy during peak periods.

Worth noting, the project was selected and subsequently contracted by Con Edison for an energy supply agreement. Accordingly, this happened after the PSC directed the utility to procure and deploy 300 MW of qualified energy storage systems in NYC by 2023.

In fact, Con Edison’s initiatives to procure more energy storage projects complement New York State’s public policy goals; particularly, these focus on generating 100% electricity from zero-carbon resources by 2040. Also, on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 85% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Reception at 174 Power Global, Con Edison, and NYPA

In this sense, 174 Power Global President and CEO Henry Yun, Ph.D. commented; “Energy storage technology has emerged as an essential component of the energy landscape. Also, the proliferation of energy storage projects in New York is critical to meeting the state’s ambitious climate change goals.”  

Therefore, “we are pleased to receive approval from the PSC and are one step closer to bringing clean power,” added Yun. Also, “as other regional electricity and economic benefits, to the Astoria community and state.”

Similarly, Leonard Singh, senior vice president, Customer Energy Solutions for Con Edison, said; “Battery storage is essential to our quest to create a clean energy future and prevail against climate change.”

Thus, “bulk storage will let us bring large amounts of renewable energy to our customers; particularly, without compromising our industry-leading reliability, even as fossil fuel generators in New York City are shuttered into retirement.”

Finally, Gil C. Quinones, NYPA president, and CEO said; “The PSC’s approval of this adaptive reuse project on NYPA’s site in Astoria is a big win for New York State; specifically, the Queens community and demonstrates an important step towards achieving our ambitious clean energy goals.”

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