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Kalkine Canada to launch ‘Global Green Energy Research’


On Monday, Toronto-based financial consultant Kalkine Canada Advisory Services Inc. announced the launch of its new Global Green Energy Research.’ 

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Green energy – a huge potential

According to the firm, “green energy presents earnings potential.” Particularly, this results from the authorities’ push to cut carbon emissions. Besides, the Canadian government is increasing capacity additions and driving costs down at solar photovoltaics, with higher budget allocation.  

To clarify, green energy utilizes renewable resources, including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, etc. Consequently, this helps relieve the issues around climate change.

As Kalkine noted in its media release, the big question is will Green Economy be a Reality or an Illusion? 

Thus, according to the firm, economic growth and environmental sustainability may co-exist as a new future for the planet post-COVID-19.

Therefore, Kalkine recalled how Independent Power Producers witnessed a sharp global recovery from March-2020 lows. Similarly, the S&P Global Clean Energy Index reported a 1-Year Return of 42.94%; thus, outperforming the S&P Global 1200 Index by more than 8%

Kalkine Canada in North America

Specifically related to its interest in the North American market, the firm said that the US is one of the leading renewable energy markets. For instance, it has 30+ states generating electricity from clean energy. Besides, it has 80+ listed renewable energy stocks.

However, Kalkine noted similar trends for countries including Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Particularly in the US, while some risks prevail, including uncertain production-tax credits, elevated debt levels, “immense investment opportunities exist.”

Thus, the firm said in a media release that its Green Energy Research will offer stocks with Strong Fundamental, Diversification, Businesses Tethering on Regulatory Compliance, and Global Scale.

As a Tech-Enabled business and based on a Digitally-Powered Architecture and Extensive Data Science led Research, Kalkine hence supports its analysis with smart data.

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