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Siemens Gamesa scores high in the S&P Global ESG Evaluation – the 1st wind manufacturer being evaluated


Today, Siemens Gamesa highlighted it has secured high rankings in S&P Global Ratings’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) evaluation. Accordingly, the turbine manufacturer achieved a final score of 84/10,0; which in fact, shows robust preparedness to face future disruption in the industry, S&P analysts stated.

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Moreover, S&P recognized that Siemens Gamesa continues to lead cutting-edge technological developments. Particularly, ones that bring significant environmental benefits to customers in the transition toward a low-carbon economy. Therefore, the company was ranked number five worldwide and number one in Spain in the worldwide league table.

Worth noting, Siemens Gamesa is the first wind turbine manufacturer to receive this evaluation from S&P.

The ESG Scores

On the environmental side, the company received a score of 82 out of 100. Indeed, some of the factors evaluated within the report included the generation of greenhouse gas emissions; also waste and pollution, water use, land use and biodiversity, and other general factors.

Similarly, in the social arena, Siemens Gamesa obtained a 77 score out of 100. Accordingly, S&P evaluated the company considering its workforce and diversity, safety management, customer engagement, communities, and other general factors.

Finally, Siemens Gamesa scored 76 in its Governance Profile due to structure and oversight measures, positive code and values. Also transparency and reporting, financial and operational risks, and other general factors.


According to Siemens Gamesa’s spokespeople; “the company’s crucial contribution of providing clean energy solutions to decarbonize the economy has been recognized through S&P’s ESG evaluation.”

Moreover, the company highlighted that this ESG analysis reflects that the turbine manufacturer is well prepared to face future challenges in the industry.

In this sense, Siemens Gamesa chief financial officer Beatriz Puente said: “Our work is making a difference in the world. Therefore, we are proud to be recognized as a best-in-class company in terms of ESG performance.”

Moreover, “this type of evaluation will be a reference for future green and sustainable financing,” continued Puente. Thus, “promoting transparent reporting and inspiring us to continue collaborating with our stakeholders in creating shared and sustained value.”

Besides S&P, the company is constantly evaluated by renowned ESG rating agencies; for instance, including VigeoEiris, ISS ESG, FTSE Russell, Sustainalytics, and MSCI ESG.

The S&P Global Ratings ESG Evaluation

According to S&P, its Global Ratings ESG Evaluation report provides its analysts combined view of the ESG Profile of the company and its Preparedness assessment.

Indeed, the ESG Profile reflects the entity’s current activities and starts by applying the outputs from the S&P Global Ratings ESG Risk Atlas; worth noting, not only to the entity’s sector but also to its regional footprint.

In this sense, the Preparedness assessment evaluates the entity’s capacity to anticipate and adapt to various plausible long-term disruptions.

Finally, S&P highlights that its ESG Evaluation provides a relative overall score that compares other entities globally.

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