Black Hills to start its biggest renewable energy project to date

Black Hills Energy Solar Colorado

Black Hills, the U.S. utility, will start its biggest renewable project to date, a 200-megawatt capacity solar plant in Pueblo County, Colorado.

The utility scale solar project is the blueprint for Black Hills in its quest to a 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction from its Colorado operations by 2030.

According to news media, the project will break grounds for construction this year, and it will come online in 2023. When it does, Black Hills will have more than half of its Colorado operations coming from renewable sources.

This is not the first effort by Black Hills to reduce emissions; nine years ago, the company closed its Colorado coal plant; since then, the company has opened three wind farms throughout the state. Together, the plants generate 150 MW of renewable power.

About the company’s renewable expansion, Vance Crocker, company’s vice president for Colorado utilities, said: “We are a customer-focused utility and we know our customers want more renewables, especially when they help to reduce costs.”

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Further Black Hills efforts in Colorado

According to the Colorado governor’s office, Black Hills’ efforts on emissions reduction are a culmination of a “remarkable and historic two-and-a-half-year streak of modernization” and emissions reduction progress in the state’s electric sector.

Moreover, Black Hills is not the only utility to expand its emissions reduction efforts; Xcel Energy, Tri-State Generation and Transmissions, Colorado Springs Utilities among others have also made significant commitments and efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions from its operations.

Just last month, Holy Gross Energy committed to 100% renewables output by 2030. About this trend, Jared Polis, Colorado governor, has said: “Colorado is well on its way to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040; it will continue to win lower rates along with the health and environmental benefits of green energy.”

“With our customers at the forefront, our Southern Colorado communities are well-positioned to lead the nation in the adoption of clean energy technologies like wind and solar,” concluded Crocker in a statement.

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