Battery Energy Storage, a new solution for sustainability by Honeywell

Battery Energy storage Honeywell

Battery Energy Storage Systems are becoming a vital technology for the energy transition; in the U.S. the market has experience rapid growth and demand; out of that environment, Honeywell launched a new BESS Platform which integrates Honeywell asset monitoring, and other digital solutions.

Firstly, the company announced this Monday the launching of its battery energy storage system, which, as said above integrated Honeywell’s expertise is automation and asset monitoring; as well as distributed energy resource management.

Also, supervisory control and analytics functionality to enable organizations to accurately forecast and optimize their overall energy use.

Secondly, the new BESS by Honeywell leverages best practices for energy management such as energy arbitrage; and also demand management to deliver flexibility and control; specially for when the energy is dispatched and used.

Thirdly, as for its all features, the platform is ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial companies; as well as independent power producers and utilities. In fact, the battery energy storage system comes with the features and performance guarantees of Honeywell; which include predictable and consistent costs along with improved uptime.

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Battery Energy Storage platform by Honeywell to help reduce carbon footprint

Moreover, about the cutting-edge technology of the battery energy storage system, Eren Ergin, general manager of Renewables and Distributed Assets at Honeywell Process Solutions, said. “Honeywell has delivered large, turnkey automation and control projects around the world.”

He also remarked. “We’re delivering Renewables and Distributed Assets projects such as our Battery Energy Storage System Platform with a similar turnkey approach. From the physical storage assets to the automation software being utilized; customers can benefit from Honeywell performance-based guarantees.”

In addition, the BESS by Honeywell will improve the grid stability as it decreases supply costs. For example, if a generator fails or goes offline for any reason, Honeywell’s platform reduces the need to bring additional, non-renewable power generators online.

Consequently, a remote facility can maintain operations as the platform runs in parallel with traditional generators. In fact, the system can then restart the disconnected generator or initiate back-up generator sets before returning to standby mode.

Finally, the BESS platform can reduce the need for non-renewable power sources; such as gas turbines and diesel generators and their associated high gas consumption rates; contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

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