GE to expand Leeward’s Aragonne Wind project to a 235 MW

Aragonne Wind GE Leeward

GE Renewable Energy has secured a contract with Leeward Renewable Energy for an expansion in Leeward’s New Mexico wind farm Aragonne Wind, located in Guadalupe County.

The expansion contemplates a 90 MW repower in Aragonne Wind, and the 145 MW connection with Aragonne Mesa, for a total output in the farm of 235 MW.

GE will deliver its turbine technology to expand the total output of the wind farm, but also to increase its efficiency and reliability.

The contract for GE contemplates the procurement of 86 turbines of the 2.x-127 models, and 116 of the 2,3 wind turbine generators. Aragonne Wind will replace its existing units with GE’s technology, and Aragonne Mesa will install the turbines to start operations.

Both wind parks will increase their performance and reliability as a result of GE’s technology adoption, according to GE’s statement. Both projects are intended to be completed and operational somewhere around the last quarter of 2021.

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Aragonne, recent expansion in GE and Leeward partership

Leeward is not new in the adoption of GE’s technology. In fact, Aragonne complexes are the third new partnership that both companies undertake in the last 24 months.

Mountain Breeze Wind, in Colorado, and Lone Tree Wind in Illinois, both completed in 2020 are two of the last contracts between the two companies, totaling 500 MW of wind capacity.

On top of this, GE has worked with Leeward in repowering contracts for projects in Texas for a total of 280 MW.

“GE Renewable Energy has a long-standing relationship with Leeward, with GE wind turbine technology powering many of their wind farms,” said Tim White, GE Renewables CEO.

“We are delighted to work together again on the Aragonne projects; significantly increasing the wind farm’s energy output and helping to deliver even more affordable and sustainable renewable energy to their customers,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Jason Allen, Leeward’s CEO, said about the relationship with GE: “Leeward is pleased to partner with GE Renewable Energy on the expansion of our Aragonne complex with both the repower and greenfield projects. Together, we are modernizing one of Leeward’s legacy assets with GE’s advanced turbine technology; and adding efficient generation capacity to our portfolio supporting our long-term growth strategy.”

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