Solar projects to be advanced by EIC and Jordan Energy after partnership

Solar projects

Solar projects will be advanced by a new partnership between FOMO Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Energy Intelligence Center, and Jordan Energy & Food Enterprises, a solar-design leader.

Firstly, the Energy Intelligence Center is an energy services company that offers energy efficiency, optimization services; operations, and economic incentives to optimize building equipment and management and automation systems.

On the other hand, Jordan Energy provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions that enable customers to harness the sun’s power. In fact, the company has secured over $2 million in grants for its customers and completed projects across the US. Overall, it has helped develop more than 12 megawatts and has more than 120 MW in development.

As a result, in August 2021, EIC and Jordan Energy entered into a Referral Agreement. The agreement set the stage for the partnership announced today, which aims at advancing commercial solutions for both companies. Indeed, multiple customer opportunities are currently under evaluation with potential substantial lifetime contract value.

Particularly, the partnership’s goals ate to provide customers energy assessments, optimized energy management services, customized renewable energy systems, and comprehensive operations solutions.

Moreover, the EIC and Jordan Energy will also help customers identify and establish economic incentives to help building owners, developers, managers, engineers, and architects achieve their energy goals.

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Synergies for more solar projects could happen with FOMO’s new entity

About the matter, Bill Jordan, Founder, and CEO, Jordan Energy, said. “The Agreement uniquely positions the companies to provide comprehensive solutions including solar energy that are designed to meet customer needs and improve the strength of their businesses for the long-term.”

He also commented. “The mandate of our partnership is to bring solar PV systems to customers that are economically feasible and optimized for energy efficiency.”

On the other hand, Vik Grover, FOMO CEO, said. “With the emphasis on renewable energy and efficient energy management at the State and Federal levels… the business opportunities are significant and should provide substantial upside for FOMO.”

Furthermore, DOMO recently announced two strategic acquisitions. One, of Lux Solutions LLC; second, LEDF LLC. Both are currently in the process of closing. According to the statement, the two acquisitions will consolidate a single entity called Smartgaurd Energy once closed.

Finally, this new entity will also have natural synergies with the partnership, from which more projects and further growth could happen, said FOMO CEO.

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