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Yokogawa appoints Kevin McMillen as New North America Leader


The industrial automation business Yokogawa announced today it promoted Kevin McMillen to head the Company’s North American business. Accordingly, Mr. McMillen will help Yokogawa align its sustainability efforts. Moreover, the newly appointed leader will work with various industries to advance the Company’s transition towards a circular economy.

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Yokogawa appoints new leader for North America

Earlier today, Yokogawa announced its industrial automation leader, Kevin McMillen, will head the Company’s North American business. According to a company’s press release, Mr. McMillen will help Yokogawa align its sustainability goals and advance towards a circular economy.

In fact, this will be possible through Mr. McMillen’s joint work with a wide range of industries to further advance Yokogawa’s transition plans.   

Moreover, Mr. McMillen has deep experience in industrial automation, control, and digital transformation. Therefore, his expertise will help to further develop Yokogawa’s 60-year-old North American business. Besides, since 2016, McMillen has served as vice president of System Sales for North America. Moreover, he received his B.B.A in Management & Accounting from Marshall University.

“The energy transition is challenging the relevance of many industries. Besides, it is driving many businesses to re-evaluate their strategies in alignment with the direction of society and emerging technologies,” comments McMillen.

Consequently, “the company is committed to supporting a much-needed transition across all forms of energy production. Therefore, this will lead to a more sustainable landscape and enable a higher quality of life for our present and future societies.”

According to the Company, for many years, “Yokogawa’s pioneering spirit has harnessed advances in hardware and software to deliver a brighter future.” Accordingly, this future requires a commitment placing equal focus on the planet, people, and profit.

New biomass subsidiary

Accordingly, in North America, the Company’s “innovate forward” philosophy anticipates and solves tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, this is possible through a comprehensive industrial automation and digitalization portfolio consisting of state-of-the-art measurement, control, and optimization products and services.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced Monday the launch of Yokogawa Bio Frontier Inc. Therefore, the Company will develop businesses related to the production and sales of innovative plant-derived biomass materials. Besides, it will set the associated licensing and consulting activities. Consequently, the new subsidiary will officially kick off business operations on March 22.

In fact, the Company’s biomass materials, such as nanocellulose and lignin monomer, can be used to substitute chemicals and materials. Furthermore, the Company will apply its long industrial automation experience to develop highly efficient extraction and production processes and facilities. Besides, it will market biomass materials to a wide range of customers in the chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Accordingly, this new subsidiary will help Yokogawa advance its transition to a bio-economy. Therefore, to obtain technologies and expertise in the biomass field, the Company has already partnered and invested with AlgaEnergy and Bloom Biorenewables SA.

The subsidiary is located in Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan, and Mitsuhiro Iga will head it. Finally, it became operational on March 22, 2021.

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