CNH changes guidelines for hydrocarbons


The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) changes its Technical Guidelines for Hydrocarbons Measurement. The modification looks to address the dynamicity of the industry.

To attend to current trends regarding liquid and gas hydrocarbons, CNH approved new guidelines for technical measurement. These changes seek to improve administration and supervision processes, optimize production, approach the operative reality, and to simplify requirements with more certainty.

The still in force guidelines received the Government’s approval in September 2015. Until now, CNH modified it three times (in February and August of 2016, and in December 2017).

The new technical guidelines comprise five topics without change (related to sediment, water, sulfur, and CO2 content), seven liberated, one modified (sulfur acid content), and two added.

Topics addressed for liquid hydrocarbons are relative density, salt content, and Reid steam. The guidelines include specificities related to water content, calorific power, and nitrogen content regarding gas hydrocarbon.

Partner institutions such as the Energy Secretary (Secretaría de Energía – SENER), the Economy Secretary (Secretaría de Economía – SE), and the Treasury Secretary (Secretaría de Hacienda – SH) already reviewed the modification process. In total, CNH received 477 consulting comments from thirty-nine public institutions.

The modifications only require federal approval to enter into action. After the comission’s support, CONAMER (Comisión Nacional de Mejora Regulatoria) will provide a final review through a public consultation process.

If the project needs any changes, it will require the Commission’s changes. When the project gets CONAMER’s approval, the Government will publish it in the Federal Official Diary (Diario Oficial de la Federación – DOF).

Finally, CNH’s commissioners approved the Hydrocarbons Regulatory Guidelines modifications by the majority during their 13th Government’s Organ Ordinary Session. 

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