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National Grid´s substation & Siemens Energy Team Up to Eliminate SF6 Gases


National Grid´s substation will upgrade with Siemens Energy´s designed gas free “Blue circuit brakers”. It works with clean air and vacuum switching technology. This is a time tested design that restates Siemens Energy´s commitment with safety and environment.

How Siemens Energy´s system works?

It will eliminate fluorinated gasses, specifically SF6 on National Grid´s substation. The greenhouse gas emissions will mitigated. This is very important for bought company’s commitment of addressing climate change; that since the SF6´s global warming potential (GWP) is 23.500 times higher than CO2´S. Also SF6 will remain in the atmosphere for over 3,000 years.

This is a revolutionary technology in which the main element on Siemens Energy´s Blue breaker is the vacuum unit. This means that instead of using SF6, used in most high-voltage circuit breakers, will use fluorinated gas-free and climate neutral high-voltage power grids; combining 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen as the insulating medium, called clean air. This means zero harmful effects released in to the environment, and zero greenhouse gas emissions.  

The New England Director of Substation Engineering for National Grid, Jim McGrath said: “The SF6-free circuit breaker for this voltage class will help us meet our net-zero carbon emissions targets”. He also stated: “Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that we currently confront as a society. It requires bold, creative solutions. The Blue circuit breaker is an excellent example of a solution that will help reduce our emissions.”     

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Siemens Energy´s Blue circuit breakers are commissioned to be installed in Ayer, Massachusetts by 2023.  This substation is the server of many North Central Massachusetts communities. Siemens Energy Blue circuit breaker installation will be the first o f it kind in National Grid´s U.S. electricity network.

The member of the Siemens Energy managing board responsible for the Transmission business, Tim Holt said: “We have 11-year proven track record of successful vacuum high-voltage circuit breaker applications. It shows fully commitment from us because we ar carbon neutral. We also support partners like National Grid who cares about the environment and human safety”.

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