8 Rivers Secures $100M Investment from SK Group and to Accelerate Global Decarbonization

8 Rivers

8 Rivers Capital LLC announced during the CERAWeek, the investment of USD$100 million made by SK Group.  The union “8 Rivers-Sk” will develop in to the first Net Zero solutions company. This will offer innovating proposals to help global decarbonization through 2050.

Sk´s investment also means accelerating the development of clean technologies that the customers and governments are now demanding globally. Sk Group is bringing to the table a way for 8 River to accelerate and deploy clean projects for domestic and foreign operations. SK´s engineering capabilities are a multiplier-force to 8 Rivers since they are the leaders in South Korian´s industrial high-tech.  

More about 8 Rivers/SK Group and what they are doing

8 River is a world-leader developer of decarbonization technologies. Within their achievements we can stand out the invention of the 8RH2 clean hydrogen technology.

Sk Group is the second largest conglomerate in South Korea. Their primary business is in the energy industries and they are fully committed on building sustainable energy.

The co-founder and Executive Chairman of 8 Rivers Capital, Bill Brown, talk about the alliance and and said: “Partnerships are precious. At the simplest level, they are about compatibility of execution. They are about the compatibility of vision. Of all the potential investors that approached 8 Rivers over the last 15 years, SK was the first that shared our vision”.  He also stated: “The expansion of decarbonization technologies including carbon capture is imminent. Both 8 Rivers and SK are focusing on the energy system, and not on just one technology. This is what will create the premier global net-zero company that will lead the world’s clean technology future.”

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This alliance will combine 8 River´s technology with SK´s presence in the Asian market. This will result on the deployment of several projects to produce clean hydrogen and zero-emissions; since Asia alone emits more carbon each year that the whole world combined so is the perfect place to start Net Zero goals.

8 Rivers CEO, Cam Hoise, said: “Decarbonizing the global economy is both a multi-trillion-dollar business opportunity and, more importantly, an environmental and social necessity.”

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