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Augmented reality enhances Rockwell’s Lifecycle IQ Services

Augmented reality Lifecycle IQ Services

Augmented reality capabilities and a top cybersecurity standard enhance Rockwell Automation’s Lifecycle IQ Services, experts from the company said during the company’s 30th Automation Fair last week.

Firstly, Lifecycle IQ Services is a portfolio of digitalization solutions that offers enhanced performance; increased lifecycle from any company’s assets, especially those in manufacture. Through data analysis and the deployment of intelligent devices, Lifecycle IQ Services can automate processes and enhance productivity.

Moreover, the portfolio also offers consulting services on designing a genuinely effective digitalization strategy; maintenance, and also educational and technical services. However, executives from the company underlined during the Fair that the true strengths of the portfolio are its augmented reality and cybersecurity features.

About the matter, Mark Cristiano, Commercial Director of the company, said. “What we have to take under consideration is that IT and OT teams are separated; but working closely and collaboratively, so that, if there’s an incident, the cyber threat does not spread to the plant or vice versa.”

In addition, the executive insisted that Rockwell has put particular emphasis on educating its customers. He said the company has conducted workshops between IT and OT so they can understand the importance of operational segmentation while maintaining a collaborative approach.

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Maintenance one click away through Augmented Reality

“You also need to perfectly identify the assets you want to protect. You cannot protect what you cannot see.” Consequently, Lifecycle IQ Services is a portfolio that offers accurate segmentation; and bulletproof cybersecurity for its users.

On the other hand, during a tour through the exhibition floor of the Fair, John Furniss, portfolio manager, demonstrated how Lifecycle IQ Services’ software can enhance the maintenance and performance of the assets.

The executive pointed a tablet’s camera to a demo version of a canning line. On the tablet’s display, Lifecycle IQ showed a number of options to give maintenance; manage risks and other actions that the operators can undertake. “With a single click, we can deploy a series of instructions to give maintenance to a sensor or to the motion line. As a result, we no longer need the user’s manual, which is usually bible-like thick.”

Finally, Nicole Bulanda, Commercial Program Manager, interviewed other workers of the company. They spoke about Rockwell’s efforts in educating and preparing its customers for the challenges of digitalization.

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