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Mitsubishi Power to build hydrogen hub in Utah and other states

Mitsubishi Power

Mitsubishi Power has ambitious plans to develop a hydrogen hub in the U.S. Particularly in Utah, where, alongside Magnum Development and other partners, the company will develop infrastructure that would serve a broader region.

Nevertheless, the hub has substantial growth potential. The company is considering replicating the model in other states, the company’s Chief Financial officer said this Tuesday. As we have reported previously, the hub will produce hydrogen and supply the industrial users of the West Coast.

Back in May, the company got an invitation from the Department of Energy to apply for a $595 million loan to develop the project. Arun Mitra, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Power, said to S&P. “The project seeks to supply green hydrogen to a to-be-constructed 840-MW advanced class combined-cycle power plant that will replace a currently operating coal-fired power plant at the site.”

Moreover, the project would produce the green hydrogen and store it underground, in salt domes; each dome with a capacity of 150,000 megawatts hours of electricity. Considerably larger than some of today’s biggest battery storage projects that have capacities of around 1,000 MWh.

In addition, the project would use two storage caverns, so the total project could have a capacity of 300,000 MWh of power storage and 11,000 mt of hydrogen storage. According to Mitra, the project will indeed have a massive storage capacity. Consequently, it will be able to provide storage capacity to the whole Western U.S.

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Mitsubishi Power to develop hydrogen hubs in several more states

Furthermore, one of the investors in the project is Chevron. The company will help with infrastructure development across the Western Electricity Coordinating Council. This entity which helps ensure reliability in the Western Interconnection. Mitra said Chevron’s involvement would provide expertise in mid-and-downstream hydrogen infrastructure and industrial applications.

On the other hand, the company also intends to replicate the hydrogen hub in other states. “We are contemplating Delta, Utah, being the first hub in the country with spokes all over the western territory covering states like Washington, Idaho, Montana, also Oregon, and California,” Mitra said.

He also added that the project has tremendous opportunities to “decarbonize the region because it has about five major utilities; 24 gas-fired power plants with 10 G.W. of generation capacity; and also 14 industrial facilities that supply transportation fuels to the Pacific Northwest.”

Finally, Mitsubishi is launching yet another hydrogen hub project for North Dakota; with a capacity of 310,000 mt/year of blue hydrogen by re-tooling the Great Plains Synfuels Plant located near Beulah, North Dakota.

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