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AES Corp and Google launch Nest Renew, an energy efficiency solution

AES Corp smart grid Corporation

AES Corp and Google announced this Wednesday they are partnering on Nest Renew. This would be a new service for Nest Thermostats that will offer cost-savings, energy efficiency features as well as opportunities to accelerate clean energy goals.

Firstly, the launching will cover all continental U.S. However, it will have strategic markets in which the solution will be launched first. Specifically, the ones in Indiana and Ohio, though AES utilities.

Secondly, the launching of Nest Renew builds on AES’ 10-year strategic alliance with Google, as the companies jointly explore new technologies and innovations to promote a greener, smarter energy future.

As outlined above, the solution will roll out in early preview by Fall 2021. It will have two instances, Nest Renew basic, which will cover the continental U.S.; and Nest Renew Premium, which will operate through select U.S. markets, expanding over time.

Moreover, the solution will provide customers with a tool to help prioritize clean energy usage; also, to track the positive difference in the environment. The solution will also be compatible with all Nest thermostats.

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AES Corp to integrate with Uplight for further innovation

In addition, Nest Renew Premium will include Clean Energy Match. This would be a solution that will match a home’s estimated fossil fuel electricity with renewable energy credits from U.S. wind and solar; helping to support the growth of clean energy.

Furthermore, Nest Renew Premium will integrate with Uplight, AES’ digital technology partner. Such integration will enable the bundling of multiple utility program options into a simple, personalized, consumer-friendly experience. According to the statement, when combined, the two solutions will deliver cost savings and cost predictability; while also helping the customer to achieve his clean energy goals.

Hannah Bascom, Google’s head of energy partnerships, further commented in this regard. “Nest Renew will combine the best of Google Nest hardware and customer experience with AES’ trusted customer relationships and innovative new program offerings, backed by Uplight, to ultimately achieve load management and decarbonization goals.”

On the other hand, Kristina Lund, AES US Utilities President, and CEO, said. “Through our AES US Utilities collaboration with Nest Renew, our customers now have the ability to take control and accelerate their personal sustainability efforts.”

Finally, Chris Shelton, AES Senior Vice President, commented. “The Nest Renew experience brings these types of benefits into people’s homes by making it easier for them to participate in energy programs and support a clean energy future.”

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