Pando software is provided to GMP for new “Sun Match” pilot.

Pando software

LO3 Energy will provide their most innovative software to Green Mountain Power (GMP) for their new “Sun Match” pilot for customers.

This new software is called Pando. As we talked about, Pando gives the suppliers and clean energy operators the possibility to engage the customers and offer new compensations models. As a result it will optimize renewable energy assets.

The goal is that LO3´s Pando platform will support GMP´s pilot. It is because the move can offer the customers the benefits of solar power without them needing to build their system.

Pando´s mobile app for customers

“We’re thrilled to further our partnership with Green Mountain Power, a progressive utility at the forefront of the clean energy transition.” says Bill Collins, CEO of LO3 Energy. “Pando will help GMP’s customers subscribe to solar. This will optimize their savings by aligning their energy use with the sunniest periods. Pando’s platform means customers can easily participate in renewable energy without upfront costs or long-term commitments. They can get the information they need to shift their usage to solar hours and save more when it makes sense.”

With the app Pando is pretending to provide to their customers, they can expect several things like:

  • Display their energy use history and summarize how much they are saving.
  • It will give the customers a forecast of solar energy 1-3 days ahead. This way, they will see highlighted the saving opportunities.
  • It can make suggestions to the customers, like when the sun is most abundant. That way, they can take better advantage of renewable sources.

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Pando is handling utilities in general, a comprehensive web dashboard. It displays important information like:

  • How many customers are now enrolled in the renewable program.
  • It will show the renewable energy availability vs. the number of participating customers usage.
  • Alert´s effectiveness to inspire the customer into the clean energy use to match renewable availability.
  • Overall savings for participating customers.

Pando´s ultimate goal is to make the transition to solar more affordable and straightforward so customers can embrace their benefits.

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