Sunnova to bring solar and storage to Ohio and North Carolina markets

Sunnova Solar

Sunnova Energy International, one of the leading companies in residential use of solar energy and storage solutions, announced this Wednesday it will bring its services to the Ohio and North Carolina markets.

Firstly, Sunnova will bring to both states its SunSafe solar solution plus its battery storage service, as well as its +SunSafe add on for battery storage, which will allow homeowners to maintain energy resiliency in the face of potential grid crises and rising electricity rates.

Secondly, the company will also be the first national residential solar and energy storage service provider, with extensive 25-year system and battery coverage, to offer its services in Ohio.

Thirdly, according to the company’s statement, between 2015 and 2019, the amount of time Ohio residents lost power each year nearly doubled. In this regard, Sunnova’s SunSafe and +SunSafe services in Ohio and North Carolina will increase homeowners’ energy independence.

Moreover, those services will allow them to produce their own clean energy and then store it in the battery for later use. If the state’s grid goes down, homeowners would simply switch to the battery and power will come back.

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Sunnova to help Ohio and N.C. with their sustainability goals

In addition, according to the Energy Information Administration, North Carolina and Ohio have seen their electricity rates rise by 15% and 16%, respectively; from 2009 to 2019. Consequently, with Sunnova’s services, users could have a deeper control of their energy bills.

Furthermore, customers in both states will also be covered by Sunnova Protect; which is a maintenance, monitoring, repair and replacements service for their solar systems and batteries.

On the other hand, Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer of Sunnova, said about the matter. “As we expand to new markets and grow our customer base; we are also looking forward to growing our key network of dealers which means supporting more renewable energy jobs.”

He also added. “Sunnova is proud to be first in Ohio. The state’s solar prices have fallen 45 percent in the last five years as per Solar Energy Industries Association’s data; our goal is to enhance Ohio’s access to clean, affordable energy and help the state reach its renewable energy targets.”

Finally, he concluded. “North Carolina is also a key market for us. It has also set solid goals to reduce its carbon emissions by 2030 and rooftop solar is a critical part of the solution.”

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