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J-POWER USA to convert retired coal plant into renewable facilities


J-POWER USA Development Co. Ltd. announced this weekend that it agreed with Fortress Investment Group LLC to develop the Birchwood Solar project jointly. In fact, the project will convert a 190 MW AC retired coal plant into a 50 MW AC solar+storage facility.

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J-POWER USA: new clean power+storage project

Last weekend, J-POWER USA Development Co. Ltd and Fortress Investment Group LLC announced they’ll jointly develop the 50 MW AC Birchwood Solar project in king George, Va. Accordingly, the project will convert the retired coal plant of Birchwood Power in operations since November 1996 into renewable energy and storage facilities.

In fact, Birchwood is the company’s third solar project in development. Besides, it is part of the Company’s new initiative to add renewable generation to its existing portfolio.

Accordingly, the Company signed a Joint Development Agreement with Fortress for projects that will replace the just shut down Birchwood coal-fired power plant.

“This is an exciting opportunity to take a former coal plant site and transform it into a clean energy facility,” says Mark Condon, president and CEO of J-POWER USA. Therefore, “this project is part of J-POWER USA’s plan to increase our renewable portfolio. Also, to continue our efforts to build a sustainable energy future.”

About the Company

Moreover, the Company said the project benefits from its existing transmission infrastructure. Indeed, this equipment will be used for the new solar+storage generation. Thus, enabling the Company to continue its long-term partnership with the local community.

With Birchwood Power’s decommissioning, J-POWER’s portfolio will consist exclusively of clean natural gas and renewable energy.

On the other hand, Fortress Investment Group LLC is a leading, highly diversified global investment manager. Currently, the Company operates $49.9 billion of assets under management. Besides, it serves 1,800 institutional clients and private investors worldwide.

J-POWER USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of J-POWER North America Holdings and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. Moreover, the Company has its headquarters in the greater Chicago area.

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