Ameresco starts operations of smart grid project at Canadian school

Ameresco JP II

Ameresco, the leading clean energy technology integrator, announced that it has commenced commercial operations of a smart grid project at a Canadian school this Wednesday. The project will generate carbon-free energy and energy savings for the John Paul II Catholic Secondary School.

Firstly, Ameresco had worked with the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) for the last ten years, developing and deploying various projects worth more than $50 million across LDCSB’s facilities.

The project in the JP II school positions it as a leader in carbon reductions; and a model for not only other educational facilities throughout Canada but all facilities across all sectors; proving that the construction of a carbon-free facility is a technically viable option. The school has indeed become Canada’s first retrofitted carbon-neutral school.

Moreover, the project included the installation of 2,700 covered carport solar panels; geothermal heating through pipes; a 2.2MWh electrical energy storage system, and 4 electric vehicle charging stations.

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Ameresco helping Canada to get at forefront of carbon free energy

In addition, the implementations on the facility will help avoid approximately 277 tons of carbon emissions on a yearly basis. All of these efforts help advance the country’s ‘Investing in Canada’ infrastructure plan; which pushes for the prioritization of energy-efficient buildings and smart grids.

Furthermore, after these deployments, JP II will be energy self-sufficient and achieve cost savings from a 68% reduction in baseline electricity costs. The project had a $4,5 million investment from Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program; and other funds from the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Grid Innovation Fund.

About the relevance of the project, Bob McCullough, President, Ameresco Canada, said. “Our work with JP II is a wonderful illustration of how a complex project seemingly far beyond a facility’s budget can be completed through flexible funding and adaptation.”

Finally, he remarked. “This sets the stage for how other educational institutions can implement infrastructures to achieve carbon-neutral goals in the future. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the London District Catholic School Board by collaborating on such a monumental project.” The construction of the project reached completion in May, 2021.

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