U.S. Energy Development Corp completes midstream projects in Eagle Ford

US Energy midstream

U.S. Energy Development Corporation, an exploration and production firm, announced this Tuesday it has successfully completed a series of midstream projects in the Eagle Ford Basin that would lower the sites emissions and environmental footprint.

Firstly, the projects completed were the LLM South B, LLM South C, LLM North A, Sola Vaca Norte A (SVNA), Hideaway Ranch A and Hideaway Ranch E. The projects included the installation of midstream infrastructure, or pipelines.

Secondly, the project meant a $607,000 investment. On the other hand, the project was a proactive approach of the company to boost its ESG agenda, and directly decreasing the company’s carbon footprint.

Thirdly, in particular, this pipeline is expected to reduce flaring in the site; consequently, directly lowering U.S. Energy footprint in the area, and also achieving a benefit for its stakeholders.

In fact, the company has been decreasing its flaring intensity in the area since December 2020 by a total of 88%; and after the project’s completion, the company will eliminate all of it, by the end of 2021.

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U.S. Energy Eagle Ford
Eagle Ford Basin

U.S. Energy to end flaring in the Eagle Ford Basin by the end of 2021 after midstream projects

Moreover, U.S. Energy’s Vice President of Operations Kevin Duncan said. “This is an exciting announcement for U.S. Energy; flaring reduction has been an initiative of ours for over the past six months. Tying in the LLM, SVNA and Hideaway Ranch A & E pipelines eliminates the flares from some of our most significant gas producers.”

On the other hand, Jordan Jayson, U.S. Energy CEO, remarked. “We are working in respect to recent RRC rulings to ensure this 3.4-mile pipeline project continues to be as environmentally friendly as possible.”

He also said. “As we continue to expand our project footprint, we will remain committed to aligning ESG with our core values to better serve the community; also, the environment and our stakeholders.”

Finally, the company has achieved other milestones in regards to the ESG agenda; for example, during 2020, U.S. Energy incorporated completion technologies which cut its projected freshwater usage by almost 1,500,000 barrels; that reduced over 70,000 gallons of anticipated diesel fuel which lowered carbon emissions by 800 tons across the firm’s SVNA 6-well pad.

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