Enphase Energy to Acquire GreenCom Networks

Enphase Energy announced its decision to purchase GreenCom Networks AG, which is based in Germany. Therefore, the company intends to bring significant benefits with its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This way, customers can connect and manage multiple distributed energy devices in homes.

Enphase Energy is a global energy technology company and the world’s leading provider of solar systems and batteries. Its technology facilitates the convergence of multiple sectors, such as mobility, heating, and renewable energies. With them, it is possible to achieve the total electrification of the home. This has been called sector convergence or sector anchoring.

GreenCom Networks has extensive experience in integrating various devices. Examples are solar inverters, battery systems, electric vehicle chargers, and heat pumps.

Usually, each device is manufactured by different suppliers, so they must be organized intelligently and thus optimize energy consumption. With the solutions offered by GreenCom we obtain smooth results for owners who optimize the amount of energy.

“The technical capabilities of the development team at GreenCom Networks will help accelerate our home energy management solutions globally.” Said Mehran Sedigh, Vice President, Storage Business Unit at Enphase Energy.

He also said, “We are excited to introduce the company’s solutions to our customers, beginning in Germany. We look forward to building upon the company’s current offering and integrating it into the Enphase platform.”

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“The energy crisis is not confined to Europe – it’s a global issue that needs to be solved,” said Christian Feisst and Peter Muller-Bruhl, co-CEOs of GreenCom Networks. “By pairing Enphase solar and battery systems with GreenCom’s IoT platform, we believe we can make meaningful progress in improving sustainability. Such as decarbonization and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for our customers. Our team has been driven by purpose, and we are excited to accelerate the impact of our home energy management solutions by joining Enphase.”

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