CleanChoice Energy and BOW Renewables partner up to develop Community Solar in New Mexico

CleanChioce Energy

CleanChoice Energy is expanding its solar development work to New Mexico, hand to hand with BOW Renewables. The goal is to develop community solar.

CleanChoice Energy dedicates to empowering people and businesses to go further into climate solutions. Their plan is going through retail clean energy, community solar, and solar farm development.   

On the other hand, we have Bow Renewables, a solar developer and renewable energy consultant for projects in New Mexico.

The benefits of Community Solar.

Recently New Mexico became the 21st state to promulgate a new community solar policy. It is a significant change that will bring environmental and financial benefits to New Mexico´s residents.

The project intends to provide discounted energy and eliminate obstacles or barriers to installing solar energy; for example, here we have some of these barriers: upfront cost, installation obstacles, properties ownership, or a suitable roof.

Another goal with community solar is to create opportunities for landowners to provide additional leasing revenue and put their underutilized land to work.

“Community solar is a fantastic new program for New Mexico residents and landowners. It can help residents lower their energy bills, expand clean energy, and create jobs. We’re thrilled to be working with BOW Renewables to help launch New Mexico’s community solar program. Solar development offers a fantastic opportunity for New Mexican landowners to generate revenue by utilizing depleted portions of their land for solar farms.” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “Our mission is to make the benefits of clean energy available to everyone–and community solar is a major part of achieving that goal.”

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It is an important step for a state with one of the highest solar energy potentials. As a result, the New Mexican people can now beneficiated from their abundant solar resources.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration ranked it in the top three in this category.

The contact email from CleanChoice Energy is: land@cleanchoiceenergy.com in case any landowner wants to become part of their land into a community solar farm.

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