Sonora and its plans to be a mining state

Sonora could become a mining state on the border with the United States, becoming a focus of economic development. This approach would be based on solar energy, lithium exploitation, and the automotive industry’s promotion.

This plan was given by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. who also stated that he had already discussed the issue with his American counterpart, Joe Biden. It has been emphasized that during the Biden administration, there have been big bets on renewable energy.

“I think he will have a lot of support,” said López Obrador. “It is of interest to national and foreign investors.”

In Sonora, bordering Arizona, there is a leading coal extraction point in the country. The problem is that its mines operate without safety conditions. We can recall the unfortunate accident on August 3, where ten miners were trapped.

On the other hand, it is also an area where a large amount of organized crime is concentrated, as it is a migrant and drug trafficking zone.

For all of the above, President López Obrador has been strongly criticized and accused of giving priority to CFE or Pemex. There is talk of his preference to support dirty energies than companies that bet more on renewable energies.

With the “Plan Sonora,” the government seeks to calm such criticism, including those that came from foreign investors. In this way, Mexico can get ahead of the United States, which has approved significant incentives for renewable energy generation.

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The plan mentioned above contemplates finishing the solar plant that has already begun to be built in Puerto Peñasco, in the Gulf of California. Later, create two or three more floors. Also, it is planned to exploit the lithium reserves that have been detected in the state for the production of batteries. Finally, the production of automobiles in Sonora will be encouraged, together with the existing Ford plant. All of the above was explained by the president.

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