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NRG Energy Inc. relocates its headquarters in Houston, TX, from Princeton, NJ.


American energy company NRG Energy, Inc. announced today that it is consolidating its headquarters in Houston from its current base in Princeton, N.J. Accordingly, NRG considered vital factors to take this decision, including harnessing Houston’s professional talent and the city’s commitment to its Climate Action Plan.

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NRG Energy on relocating its headquarters in Houston

Today, US NRG Energy Inc. announced it is consolidating its headquarters in Houston from its current base in Princeton, NJ. In fact, the company considered Houston’s professional talent and the city’s commitment to its Climate Action Plan as critical drivers for its decision.

“Houston has been a second headquarters for NRG for many years, supporting many of our customers and employees. Today, we are officially designating Houston as NRG’s sole Corporate Headquarters, a step that simplifies our operations;” said Mauricio Gutierrez, president, and CEO of NRG.

Moreover, “this move has been a part of our strategic plan for some time. Besides, Houston’s commitment to climate goals and the electrification of transportation align with our own goals and strategy. Thus, Texas is a great business place, growing at a rapid pace and attracting diverse talent and industries,” Mr. Gutierrez added.

Similarly, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “I welcome today’s announcement by NRG designating Houston as the company’s sole corporate headquarters. In fact, over the past several years, my team and I have had substantive conversations with President and CEO Mauricio Gutierrez.

Thus, “I believe the decision is confirmation that Houston is a smart city for business,” Mr. Turner added. Indeed, “just over one year ago, the City committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy through a renewed partnership with NRG Energy as the City’s retail electric provider.”

Hence, “the plan is helping us build a more sustainable future. Besides, to save over $9 million on our electric bill, and reduce emissions. Finally, I look forward to strengthening our partnership. Also, to continue to have meaningful discussions about our shared goals and vision for Houston’s future.” 

Texas’ potentialities and strong relationship with the company

In fact, Texas is already home to the company’s largest employee and customer base. For instance, with the acquisition of Direct Energy, which closed in January, NRG decided this was the right time to move its headquarters to Houston.

Notably, the company currently has more than 3,000 employees in the greater Houston region and nearly 4,600 nationwide.

As a result, the addition of NRG expands Houston’s Fortune 500 headquarters roster to 24 companies, one of the largest in the country. Indeed, the Company ranked number 324 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list.

Besides, the company is the second Fortune 500 relocation for Houston in recent months. Particularly following Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s decision in December to move its base here from California. 

Moreover, the company and its subsidiaries generate, sell and deliver power to more than 3.7 million residential and business customers across ten states. 

Regarding the relocation, Partnership Chair Amy Chronis expressed, “This is another great win for Houston. Indeed, NRG is a company that will help us continue to build a vibrant 21st-century economy; notably, one that is focused on innovation and technology.”

Finally, Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey said; “We’ve always thought of NRG as a hometown company, and now it is official”. Hence, “NRG’s headquarters relocation is another milestone moment for Houston and further solidifies our position as a corporate headquarters capital.”

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