175,000 Texas homes reported without power


Actually, changes in the climate are causing catastrophes. Scientists are working on several projects to face up the break down of the power grid; specially produced by any natural force as storm, earthquake, freezing or flooding.

Texas without power

175,000 customers were without power overnight due to powerful storms that hit the South Texas area; according to local media reports and the monitoring website PowerOutage.

Severe weather warnings, including tornadoes, were in effect in the Houston metropolitan area; according to the National Weather Service in League City.


The powerful storms began forming north of Houston and moved south over the city and into Galveston Bay.

The weather service warned of hail and lightning, as well as winds up to 40 miles per hour.

The storms dumped more than two inches of rain in the Aldine area in about an hour; according to the Harris County Flood Control District.

The Texas power grid has been widely criticized in the recent past for failing in both winter and summer, leaving thousands without power.

The solution for power

The solution is to set a project of simulation with a predicting system. With it, scientists have the possibility to prove de development of the grid. They can start looking for remedies, face the problems, make the corrections and implement those changes.

Moreover, a two way communication smart grid send customers information about forecasts, blackouts, and prices; on the other way the customers send the info to the provider their consumption, schedule, and needs.

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The grid

“The grid,” refers to the electric grid, a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to your home or business. 

The digital technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, and the sensing along the transmission lines is what makes the grid smart.

An electricity disruption such as a blackout can have a domino effect. It is a series of failures that can affect banking, communications, traffic, and security.

This is a particular threat in the winter, when homeowners can be left without heat. A smarter grid will add resiliency to our electric power System and make it better prepared to address emergencies such as severe storms, earthquakes, large solar flares, and terrorist attacks.

Smart energy grid information, here.

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