EnerGeo Alliance, along with U.S. Energy Industry, invites President Biden to get to know American Energy

EnerGeo Alliance joined with 28 energy associations in order to pressure President Biden and his cabinet to visit the main energy facilities in the country. The company is interested in showing from production to distribution through refining and innovation centers. This is because geopolitical volatility and energy costs continue to rise.

EnerGeo Alliance´s letter

The companies, representing more than eleven million workers, drafted a letter to President Biden and key administration officials. The said document encourages the president and his entourage to recognize national energy resources. It is important to see them as a strategic asset in national security and the country’s economy.

They also highlight the large reserves of natural gas and oil in the United States, which can meet the growing demand for reliable energy.

“Before you board Air Force One for the Middle East, we hope you will consider taking another look at made-in-America energy,” the letter states. “We would be honored to show you how our industry is involved in every step of the energy process, from fuel pumps to critical product delivery infrastructure to production zones across our vast nation.”

EnerGeo Alliance and U.S. Energy Industry extend the invitation to the president and visit the energy-producing regions throughout the country. This includes the Marcellus in Pennsylvania, the Permian in Texas, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bakken in North Dakota. All of which support millions of good-paying jobs in America. They all work daily to reduce our environmental footprint, drive economic growth, and fund conservation in nearly every county in the U.S.

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“Your trip to Saudi Arabia next month is important on a number of those fronts. Including boosting the global energy supply. Yet American-made energy solutions are beneath our feet. Also, we urge you to reconsider the immense potential of U.S. oil and natural gas resources. Those are the envy of the world and benefit American families and the U.S. economy. Our national security,” the letter concludes.

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