Primergy completes construction of 5MW solar project in Aspen


Primergy Solar, developer and owner of renewable energy assets in North America, announced this Tuesday it has completed the construction of a 5-megawatts solar installation in Pitkin County, near Aspen, Colorado.

Firstly, the project is located near Woody Creek in the Roaring Fork Valley on land leased from the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District (ACSD). As outlined above, the project has 5MW of total capacity.

Moreover, the solar site is nearby a flight path near the Aspen Airport; and next to a popular pedestrian trail and residential neighborhood. Consequently, the company faced multiple challenges when installing the facility. Those challenges included landscape requirements and glare concerns.

Indeed, the company installed nearly 13,700 solar panels. However, the company selected the most efficient materials and products to maximize energy production. As a result, the panels include bifacial features and specialized tracking systems.

In addition, the panels also feature an anti-glare system to cut down on reflected light for both planes flying over and for neighbors. Consequently, John Keleher, ACSD Chairman, said about the project. “This solar project directly aligns with our purpose of protecting the environment. The power cost savings that result from our capital contribution will save ACSD customers money in the long run.”

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Primergy secured PPA with Holy Cross Energy

Additionally, Primergy completed development, oversaw the construction, and will operate the plant. Originally, the project was to have 18,000 cubic yards of civil work and a 20-foot berm constructed.

However, the Primergy team could eliminate these elements by utilizing responsible and efficient construction processes and low-touch land management. Therefore, the company managed to install the solar complex and minimize environmental impacts.

Furthermore, the company also secured a 25-year power purchase agreement with Holy Cross Energy to sell them the output from the complex. About the matter, Primergy CEO Ty Daul said. “We are proud of the lasting partnerships we’ve created with local community agencies and members here in Aspen and with Holy Cross Energy. When Primergy manages a project, you can trust it will be done in a timely, precise, and thoughtful way.”

Finally, with the Pitkin Solar Project financing in place, Primergy expects to significantly expand its clean energy platform in distributed solar solutions for other local communities across the US.

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