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Array Technologies establishes new tech center in Arizona

Array Technolgies tech center

Array Technologies, a global leader in ground-mounted systems used in solar energy projects, established a new Technology and Research Center dedicated to Research and Development, field testing and demonstration of advanced solar tracker technology.

Firstly, the new center will be located in Phoenix, Arizona. It will serve as a proving ground where customers will prove and explore the products developed by the company.

Mostly prototypes to address common utility-scale solar challenges, like foundation costs, site grading, also, module compatibility and installation times.

Secondly, the new Center will try to capture demand in the installation services realm, as it is a growing portion of the market in renewable energy.

In addition, it will develop and demonstrate new methods for clients in the way of erecting their renewable energy assets. Jim Fusaro, Array Technologies CEO, said it like this.

“Our company is a longstanding leader in innovation, and we are making significant investments in new product development this year. The research center is also part of that investment and will allow us to work more closely with our customers on the development of new technology.”

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Array Technologies

Array Technologies will accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions

While remarking: “Installation is a growing portion of the total cost of a solar energy project; and continued reductions in the cost of solar energy will also require faster and more efficient installation methods.”

Moreover, “having a proving ground where we can demonstrate new means and methods for installing trackers to customers will help us accelerate adoption of our technology; and extend our lead over our competitors.” He concluded.

On the other hand, some of the innovations that Array’s new tech center will include are; extended row configurations, which will increase the length of a tracker row by as much as 33 percent; optimized foundation tracker systems, which will require fewer posts per megawatt.

It will also include a toolless module mounting technology; which will build on Array’s solutions for time-saving and reduce labor-intensive processes.

Finally, it will also include an Enhanced tracking performance enabled by software; which with “Array will be further enhancing functionality that will also enable its tracker systems to respond dynamically to a range of varying site conditions.”

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