Macquarie Capital launches RNG platform and first US project

Macquarie Capital

Macquarie Capital, the principal investment arm of Macquarie Group, announced this Tuesday it has launched Aerogy, a platform that will develop, operate and invest in Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects.

Firstly, Aerogy will deliver a suite of innovative energy solutions through project development, financing, construction, and commercial operations. It will also embark on project expansions with a focus on RNG.

Particularly, the platform will invest in energy solutions that convert organic material and waste into renewable fuel. Initially, the company will focus on funding and accelerating projects in the broader RNG and renewable fuels landscape. It also plans to expand into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and hydrogen.

Moreover, it will support the reduction of emissions and transition to a lower-carbon economy through investment in alternative energy solutions such as converting waste to renewable fuel. In addition, to strengthen the company, Macquarie brought on Andrew Nekus and Greg Meyer; formerly with Brightmark, to help build out the Aerogy platform.

Nicholas Gole, Senior Managing Director at Macquarie Capital, said about the matter. “Aerogy combines Macquarie’s market-leading expertise in infrastructure with its successful track record working with development partners to deploy our balance sheet into innovative RNG and renewable fuels projects.”

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Macquarie Capital and Aerogy close financing for 1st US project

He also remarked. “Methane remains one of the most significant contributors to climate change globally, and Aerogy is designed to address its impacts by transforming organic waste into cleaner energy solutions.”

On the other hand, Aerogy has already closed financing for its first US project. According to the statement, the construction of an anaerobic digestion facility at a leading dairy producer, Zahn’s Farm; located near Gillett, Wisconsin, has already begun.

Furthermore, the facility will convert manure into RNG and is anticipated to produce over 200,000 MMBTu of RNG per year. It will use technology from DVO Inc., the leading on-farm AD technology provider in the US; P&E Solutions will provide engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Finally, Aerogy is examining further opportunities to expand the facility to additional farms in the region and serve as a hub for other anaerobic digestion projects.

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