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Industrial Users: Information is crucial


Industrial users’ opportunities: where to find them? Information and knowledge are crucial.

Angélica Soto from Nexus, Karla Cedano from UNAM, Brandon Moffat from StormFisher, Juan Pablo Saénz from Invenergy Mexico, and Noé Sáenz from Burns & McDonnell discussed at the Energy Oil & Gas Summit about their expectations over energy demand, supply, renewables, and efficiency, particularly in a post-Covid scenario.

COVID-19 and industrial users

Experts said that the pandemic could teach companies to be more resilient in terms of distribution, decentralization, decarbonization, and digitalization regarding the demand from industrial users.

Although the pandemic conjuncture has translated in a slow-paced recovery for the sector, the participants were optimistic regarding their behaviors and consuming trends. Many opportunities could come from this experience given the significant amounts of energy their customers need.

Opportunities: on-site power generation and cogeneration for industrial users

The panelists added that there are many opportunities for them, as industry leaders, to address, in terms of supply, distribution, and on-site generation alternatives.

For instance, some participants pointed to the fact that cogeneration could be an excellent opportunity for utilities to tackle, even just for self-sufficiency. Several multinationals are already setting zero-carbon emissions to address in the years to come

Possibly of your interest: Digitalization and Collaboration for Energy Transition

Potential cogeneration users could be hospitals or data centers. In summary, customers who need an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and cannot rule out electricity in their activities.

In this sense, the panelists concluded that it is necessary for companies in the industry to become more involved in opportunities and achieve collaborations with information and research agents for industrial users’ supply and reliability.

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