Enphase Energy acquires 365 Pronto Inc

Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company based in Fremont, California, completed the acquisition of 365 Pronto Inc; an Arizona-based technology company that is reinventing cleantech services through its trademark software.

Firstly, Enphase Energy is a leading supplier of micro inverter-based solar and battery systems; and 365 Pronto is an innovative company providing a predictive software platform dedicated to simplifying the cleantech service landscape. It does so through matching cleantech asset owners to a local and on-demand workforce of service providers.

Moreover, the 365 Pronto software platform enables a two-sided marketplace. On the one hand, buyers are installers, cleantech asset owners, or original equipment manufacturers. On the other hand, sellers are service providers consisting of technicians and third-party installers providing services for residential and commercial solar, battery storage, and EV charging stations.

In addition, 365 Pronto has hundreds of service providers nationwide who are qualified on its platform. So, when a pre-priced work order is usually created by the customer and the 365 Pronto software platform algorithmically matches and dispatches a qualified service provider to complete the work orders efficiently.

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Enphase Energy to strengthen its services platform

As a result, the acquisition will provide Enphase’s installers the opportunity to serve their own operations and maintenance contracts via the 365 Pronto software platform. It will also allow Enphase’s installers access to a nationwide qualified supplemental labor pool that can perform service calls at a time of severe labor shortages within the industry.

On the other hand, it will increase the service level for current 365 Pronto customers; with the addition of the highly skilled network of Enphase installers. Finally, homeowners buying and owning solar, battery storage, and EV charging stations will have a better experience in their services; reduced wait times for maintenance services and overall efficiency in this matter would be the main benefit.

Badri Kothandaraman, CEO of Enphase, said about the matter. “The company’s software platform will provide our installers the ability to service their own O&M contracts with an on-demand network of service providers. We are excited about this opportunity to improve the installer experience as we continue to expand our digital platform.”

Finally, Scott Tonn, CEO at 365 Pronto, remarked. “Our customers expect high-quality service, and Enphase is synonymous with high quality. Enphase’s world-class customer service and digital platform align perfectly with 365 Pronto. We believe that the acquisition will help us to rapidly expand our customer base and achieve our vision of making service simple.”

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