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Parity Inc. and ecobee partner to deliver energy efficiency residential solutions


Parity Inc. today announced it is partnering with ecobee to deliver North American customers energy efficiency solutions by making smart thermostats for multi-residential buildings.

Therefore, this partnership aims to benefit customers with an accessible, integrated solution.

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Parity Inc. and ecobee partnership for North America

Parity Inc., an energy efficiency solutions company, announced its partnership with ecobee, the world’s first smart Wi-Fi thermostat inventor. Accordingly, this partnership aims to deliver North American customers energy efficiency solutions. Mainly through the making of smart thermostats for multi-residential buildings.

Moreover, this partnership aims to benefit customers with an accessible, integrated solution.

Therefore, “building owners and managers can now equip their entire building with smart thermostats,” the company says. Besides, they can benefit from almost immediate, real-time energy savings covering the cost of the thermostat rentals and active energy management.

In fact, traditional smart home solutions rely on the investment of individual homeowners. However, the integrated Parity/ecobee solution now allows building managers to outfit their entire building all at once. Furthermore, providing increased comfort and savings to unit owners and improved convenience to facility managers.

“Working with ecobee, our goal is to make smart thermostats. Besides, they can generate as easy access as possible for condominiums and apartment teams,” says Brad Pilgrim, CEO, Parity.


Moreover, “we can’t talk about real urban sustainability until we start delivering solutions for the millions of multi-residential units across North America. Now, not only can we offer the technology that helps manage energy efficiency. We can also turn that technology into measurable, guaranteed savings. Thus, we offer a solution that keeps money in a building’s pocket and available for other things.”

Parity’s software works with ecobee’s smart thermostats and integrates into the building’s HVAC system to measure energy use. Besides optimizing the building’s operating system, helping eliminate energy waste. In turn, this generates both energy efficiency and cost savings.

“At ecobee, we aim to improve everyday life for our homeowners while creating a more sustainable world. Thus, this is why we are so excited to collaborate with Parity,” said Stuart Lombard, CEO, ecobee. 

Therefore, “we believe that by bringing together exceptional, innovative and integrated technologies, there is tremendous potential to do good – for both the earth and our customers.”

Currently, estimates suggest as many as 42 percent of the U.S. labor force are now working from home (WFH) full time. Therefore, consuming the resources, it requires to support a WFH lifestyle. It is estimated that an average size multi-residential building could save as much as $30,000 per year using the Parity/ecobee system and reduce their annual carbon emissions by 30 to 50 percent.

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