Transmission power towers constructed by Powerlink


Firstly, Powerlink constructed the tallest transmission power towers on its network. It connects a clean energy Power Hub to the electricity grid. 

Secondly, the 157MW Kaban Green Power Hub is assembled as the cornerstone project of Queensland’s first Renewable Energy Zone. 

The Northern QREZ involves delivering both the Kaban Green Power Hub and upgrading the capacity of the existing coastal transmission network between Townsville and Cairns.

Powerlink Chief Executive, Paul Simshauser.

Thirdly, the project will strengthen the transmission network’s resiliency, security and reliability; also it will unlock an additional 500MW of capacity for connecting additional renewable energy projects in Far North Queensland.

Transmission towers

The Power Hub generated 250 jobs; and it will deliver cleaner energy to 100,000 Queensland homes. Additionally, building the three transmission towers required to connect the Kaban Green Power Hub to the electricity grid.

Moreover, Powerlink’s specialized crews performed the tower assembly work with precision; which included raising the two tallest towers. Each comprising 75MT of steel atop 20 cubic metres of concrete foundations, extending up to 6m underground.

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Support to renewable power

As a result, the company is simultaneously growing its customer base and its access to energy; so that it can provide tailored solutions to its large-scale commercial and industrial customers, supporting them to decarbonise; working with the national and local policies.

With CleanCo taking 100 per cent of the energy from this project, will support the entry of 1,400MW of new renewable energy into the market by the year 2025.

Neon congratulated Powerlink for completing the transmission towers at Kaban; and thanked the Powerlink team for delivering this critical component; and for their continued commitment to developing this project.

The Neoen team, working closely with Vestas, are fully mobilised to deliver the project on time and in a safe and highly professional manner.

Neoen Managing Director Louis de Sambucy

In general, Kaban will bring much needed additional clean energy to the network, with first generation targeted ahead of next summer.

Finally, the construction of Powerlink’s Kaban Green Power Hub Connection Project is expected to be complete by October 2022.

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