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Alternative energies and the future of heavy-duty trucks

Fleet Advantage

Alternative energies and heavy-duty trucks report

Leader innovator in truck fleet leasing, business analytics, and lifecycle cost management, Fleet Advantage, presented its report titled “The Future of Heavy-Duty Trucks; Building a Bridge to Alternative Energies for U.S. Long Haul Transportation.” 

Examining alternative fuel energies

Firstly, Fleet Advantage released its latest industry whitepaper, addressing facts about electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and other alternative energies. 

Secondly, the topic of alternate fuel and engine technologies is strongly contested recently; with experts weighing in on the right strategy for all modes of transportation. 

Thirdly, private and For-Hire fleets are interested in adopting zero-emission (ZET) alternatives, but there remain significant concerns for near-term opportunities.

Electric vehicles vs diesel icon

In the report, Fleet Advantage experts illustrate a desired “bridge” approach by leveraging today’s readily available clean-diesel technology into tomorrow’s alternate fuel options. 

In addition, this will allow companies to lead with the appropriate ESG strategy supported by strategic industry partne. Companies with experience, and heavy-duty fleets that can meet today’s transport infrastructure needs while serving as leaders in the future.

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The report also, addresses several critical areas, including, the economics of deploying EV Technology today and their net benefit as compared to diesel ICE; the Logical Approach – create a bridge to future energy alternatives; the pros and Cons of today’s alternate fuel technologies, the benefits of clean diesel technology; the nnovative truck replacement programs and the future of alternate fuel technology

About Fleet Advantage

Fleet Advantage serves America’s top transportation fleets .It guarantees the absolute lowest cost of ownership by providing leasing solutions, asset management, and strategic consulting for clients operating Class 8 truck fleets.

Finally, Fleet Advantage monitors the fleet by individual vehicle and groups of vehicles; to determine the most cost-effective lifecycle and fleet optimization plan.

To learn more about how to prepare your transportation fleet for the future, access to the report, here

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