TC Energy and GreenGasUSA collaboration.

TC Energy, in partnership with GreenGasUSA, has announced the collaboration they will make. On it, they will explore the development of a network of natural gas transportation hubs, including RNG for instance. Therefore these hubs are meant to provide centralized access to existing energy-transportation infrastructure to get renewable natural gas sources. We can see it reflected in farms, wastewater treatment facilities, and landfills. 

More about their partnership

GreenGasUSA, as part of the partnership, is planning to originate RNG. That is the product of the decomposition of organic matter. It conditions the gas to pipeline quality and transports it to the RNG hub. 

TC Energy, on its side, is underpinned by firm transportation contracts for the transport of RNG. They will be in charge of building, owning, and operating the RNG transportation hubs. Also, they will develop essential steps toward the acceleration of methane capture projects. Their main priority is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

There are four principal benefits of this collaboration. 

  1. Reducing GHG emissions: They will accomplish this by providing cost-effective market access to RNG developers.
  2. Equitable participation of various biogas services: The two companies’ goal is to increase it in diverse energy markets.   
  3. Energy resilience and independence: They will increase those marks, and also they will make emphasis natural gas and renewables.
  4. Offer more innovative solutions: Have new and innovative solutions available to their customers. They have the economic, viability, and carbon-neutral energy opportunities on their minds. 

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“As we continue to find innovative energy solutions for current and future customers, we value strategic collaboration opportunities like this one with GreenGasUSA to transport renewable natural gas,” said Stanley G. Chapman III, TC Energy’s Executive Vice President and President, U.S. & Mexico Natural Gas. He also added, “We have embraced the growing role of RNG in our industry and continue to explore ways to optimize our existing U.S. pipeline system in a collaborative, safe, and sustainable manner.”

“We’re pleased to partner with TC Energy to develop these RNG hubs,” said Marc Fetten, owner of GreenGasUSA. “These, for instance, are key steps to making the planet greener by connecting renewable gas sources to energy consumers that are serious about decarbonization and displacing fossil fuels.”

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