LS Energy Solution Deploys first all-in-one AiON-ESS

LS Energy Solutions

LS Energy Solutions announced the delivery of its first all-in-one AiON Energy Storage System (AiON-ESS) to V20 Energy. LS Energy Solutions will provide 14.6 MW/13.7 MWh of energy storage from 17 AiON-ESS containers. Moreover, the project is being commissioned and is expected to be interconnected to the grid in Q2 in New Jersey.

In addition, the AiON-ESS offers a variety of configurations to address a range of power and energy use cases, from one-megawatt to multi-hundred-megawatt utility-scale applications. Accordingly, the configuration for V20 Energy is the AiON-ESS Power Series. It includes Tier-1 lithium-ion batteries combined with LS-ES’s string inverter platform in a single, scalable, modular format.

UL9540 certification

Likewise, its all-in-one design and AC output facilitate ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. To ensure compliance with the highest safety standards, the Power Series has received a UL9540 certification.

The UL9540 includes a multi-point performance test, to meet the highest safety standards for energy storage products. In addition, the certification verifies that all 76 critical components in the system are of high quality and UL-approved. There is a minimization of risk; also they can avoid costly redesigns by identifying design issues early, as well as ensuring product conformity to meet international regulatory standards.

The project will contribute to its expanding energy storage portfolio and enable V20 Energy to participate in the PJM ancillary services markets. This is a part of the PJM Interconnection.

CEO Statements

“We are thrilled to provide our latest, newly certified all-in-one AiON-ESS storage system to V20 for this project,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of LS Energy Solutions. “Our design incorporates features which reduce on-site work and material by incorporating these functions in a stable and repeatable factory environment. We are leading a transition from executing bespoke projects to delivering standardized products.”

Paul Matinho, who leads V20 Energy, said, “The LS Energy Solutions team has been great to work with on our first major energy storage project. We value the relationship, their industry experience, and the ability to creatively solve a couple of first project challenges together. We look forward to announcing our next storage project with LS Energy Solutions’ AiON-ESS very soon.”

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LS Energy Solutions

LS Energy Solutions is an LS Group company; it is a leading provider of grid-connected energy storage solutions. Additionally, they have over a decade of experience innovating energy storage and related technologies. They made the first grid-connected lithium-ion storage system possible and now have over 1 GW deployed across 250 projects.

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