UGE International deploys eight microgrids in NYC to shield businesses

UGE International

UGE International, a leading solar solutions company in the US, announced this Friday it designed and developed eight state-of-the-art microgrids in New York City to shield small businesses and communities against extreme weather events.

Firstly, the solution included solar panel installations, natural gas generators, and next-generation LFP batteries from SimpliPhi Power, Inc. UGE International partnered with SimpliPhi Power to deploy the solutions as part of the post-Hurricane Sandy energy resiliency program.

Secondly, the program came to be after Hurricane Sandy caused $19 billion in losses for small businesses and left more than 2.2 million people without electricity in October 2012.

Thereafter, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched the RISE:NYC portfolio to host energy solutions for the city. As a result, the microgrids launch as part of the portfolio. It aims to strengthen the area’s energy resiliency, reduce electricity costs, mitigate disaster loss, and prepare for climate change.

In fact, the NYCEDC awarded funding to UGE to provide uninterrupted power to small businesses and residents; even in the event of a utility service disruption. Furthermore, the eight microgrids are in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Rockaways in Queens.

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UGE International making NYC a safer place for its businesses and residents

Moreover, UGE’s solutions are able to store energy produced from renewable energy sources in SimpliPhi’s fully integrated LFP Battery Systems. Consequently, delivering backup power to function during utility service interruptions. Combined with a natural gas generator, these solutions ensure that critical systems remain powered even if the grid fails.

About the relevance of the solutions for the city, Chris Keast, SimpliPhi Power Sales Application Engineer, said. “These projects are a great step forward in the shift to decentralized renewable energy, leading the way in providing resilience to communities vulnerable to climate change.”

In addition, NYCEDC President and CEO Rachel Loeb commented. “Hurricane Sandy was devastating and caused disastrous power outages in New York City. And today, we are stronger because of RISE:NYC.” She also highlighted UGE’s role in making the city a “safer, stronger, and more resilient place for all New Yorkers.”

Finally, Mr. Keast concluded. “Our partnership with UGE has enabled the deployment of next-generation, backup power systems that will help New Yorkers brace for future Hurricane Sandy-like events.”

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