Landfill Group and LS Power partner for top RNG project for S.C.

Landfill Group

The Landfill Group, a cluster of companies dedicated to renewable energy and gas treatment, announced this Friday it has partnered with LS Power for a state-of-the-art renewable natural gas (RNG) project for South Carolina.

Enerdyne Power Systems, a Landfill Group company, is the constructor of the project, which has broken grounds on a site in Honea Path, South Carolina, at the Twin Chimneys Landfill site. The project calls Twin Chimneys Power Producers (TCPP) and will begin commercial operations by the fourth quarter of 2022.

The project will turn landfill gas from the site into RNG. Then, the gas will be injected into the local natural gas system; thanks to a partnership with Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works.

According to the statement, the Environmental Protection Agency calculates the benefits of the project equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 28 million gallons of gasoline; commensurate to approximately 95,000 cars each year.

Once operational, the TCPP project will produce 1,200 MMBTU of RNG per day. However, it will grow eventually to 3,000 MMBTU per day. Moreover, the development, construction, and operation of the project will be managed by Landfill Group companies.

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Landfill Group advancing renewable energy solutions tanks to investments from LS Power

According to Mike Fenton, Director of Project Delivery for the Landfill Group, the project has secured all permits needed. Also, all the key equipment is on its way to the site, on which construction activities have already begun. “We are extremely excited about this project and its potential as a source of clean, renewable energy.”

He also remarked. “The TCPP project also includes an investment of more than a million dollars in 2021 alone to improve existing landfill gas control and collection infrastructure.”

On the other hand, LS Power works in partnership with the Landfill Group on the development of the TCPP project. But also, in other projects throughout the U.S.

Finally, Peter Anderson, Vice President of Private Equity at LS Power said. “With our investments in the Landfill Group and our other portfolio companies, LS Power is accelerating renewable energy use and decarbonization efforts through the deployment and commercialization of clean energy technologies.”

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