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Goldwind Americas Surpasses 1-GW in North America


Goldwind Americas announced today it surpassed one-gigawatt (GW) of total wind turbine capacity in Canada and the U.S. Accordingly, the company delivered more than 400 megawatts of wind turbines in 2020 and early 2021. Furthermore, Goldwind reached a new record for its sales in North America.

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Goldwind Americas: surpassing its own capacity record in NA

This Tuesday, Goldwind Americas, the North American subsidiary of Goldwind Science & Technology, announced it surpassed 1GW of wind turbine capacity in North America. For instance, this was possible by delivering more than 400 MW of wind turbines in 2020 and early 2021.

Accordingly, the company’s latest two projects totaled more than 400MW. For example, one of these projects locates in western Canada, and the other one in Texas.

In fact, these two projects feature Goldwind’s latest evolution of its Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive wind turbines (PMDD), the GW4S.

The GW4S wind turbines feature a 4.2 MW capacity, 136 and 155-meter rotor diameters, and a hub height of 110-meters. Moreover, Goldwind’s 4S MW series also includes capacities of 4.5 MW and 4.8 MW for Class III and Class II wind sites, respectively.

In this regard, David Sale, Chief Executive Officer for Goldwind Americas, noted that “for more than ten years, Goldwind Americas is pleased to be expanding its install base of PMDD turbines in the North American market.”

Furthermore, the CEO said, “Goldwind’s latest 4-megawatt turbines, and its future 5S series, underscores (their) ability to bring trusted industry-leading products, services, and technology to customers and their projects.”

The Company’s regional presence

Currently, Goldwind operates in 27 countries. Consequently, the company has installed more than 40,000 wind turbine units globally.  In fact, the vast majority of these units feature the company’s Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology. Furthermore, >1-gigawatt North American turbine fleet boasted an average availability of 99 percent; thus, bringing high reliability and uptime to customers.

“The choice to use Goldwind machines in the world’s largest wind markets responds to the performance of PMDD technology. Specifically, this is a localized approach to service and management,” states Grant Qualley, Director of North American Sales for Goldwind Americas.

“Projects using Goldwind turbines and maintenance services thrive because of the people who are involved; our employees, customers, and the producers, vendors, contractors, engineers, and transportation workers within our supply chain.”

According to a company’s press release, Goldwind’s wind turbines provide cleaner, more cost-effective energy. This is possible while creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and reducing climate change in the environment.

Furthermore, Goldwind’s internationalization business approach through localization resulted in more than ten years of operating experience in North America.

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