Britain in possible humanitarian crisis

Britain could face a humanitarian crisis next winter from rising energy bills, a problem for low-income households. According to a health sector lobby group, this could represent severe physical and mental illness.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to come up with a solution. Nor has he responded to calls to provide more support to these homes. He insists that his government will leave this responsibility to his successor. He will take office at the beginning of September.

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents the health sector organizations, said: “The country is facing a humanitarian crisis.” “Many people may have the terrible choice of skipping meals to heat their homes. Or having to live in cold, damp, and very unpleasant conditions,” Taylor reiterated in a statement.

The main concerns in the possible crisis in Great Britain

One of the main concerns is respiratory conditions, mental illness, and the living conditions of children. According to Taylor, there is also growing concerned about the pressure on the National Health Service (NHS), which is already stretched thin.

For his part, a spokesman for the British Ministry of Health said that previously the government had already been supporting households. He said a 37 billion pound ($44 billion) package announced in May had been awarded. Additionally, work continues to increase the capacity of the NHS.

The average annual British household energy bill, including gas and electricity, could double again. This would mean exceeding 4,000 pounds ($4,766) for January, aggravating inflation, which had already exceeded 10% in July.

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Last week, Johnson and his administration spoke out in the face of mounting pressure. He said he is working on a support package for the rise in prices in an average life and that the prime minister is considering these. The opposition Labor Party wants to ask Parliament that energy bills be frozen.

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