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UK to boost biomass production, as subsidies due in 2027

UK biomass

UK is looking for ways to boost biomass production, as subsidies for its production are due in 2027; according to S&P Global, the UK imports almost all of its biomass feedstocks from the United States.

Firstly, to achieve such goal, the UK government will provide a total of GBP$4 million; which is equivalent to $5,49 million, in state funding to 24 biomass projects; mostly in indigenous communities, to boost green energy production; UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said Aug. 25.

Secondly, BEIS has created a program intended to boost domestic sources of biomass, while creating jobs for its people. BRIS said in a statement. “The Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Program will enable greater supply of organic materials; from domestic sources rather than using imported matter. Indeed, it will support 24 projects on rural economies across the UK; and it will provide jobs; and will also encourage investment.”

Thirdly, among the projects that the program will support, are: non-food energy crops; such as grasses and hemp; also, material from forestry operations and marine-based materials, such as algae and seaweed. Each project received around GBP$200,000 in grants.

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UK to issue a new biomass strategy by 2022

Moreover, BEIS remarked. “The biomass sector in the UK is small, but an important part of the renewable energy mix; that the UK requires to meet its commitment to eradicate its contribution to climate change by 2050.”

In addition, UK Energy Minister Lord Callanan, commented, quoted by S&P Global. “We are backing UK innovators to ensure we have a homegrown supply of biomass materials; which is part of our wider plans to continue driving down carbon emissions as we build back greener.”

Furthermore, the Department will issue a new biomass strategy in 2022, reviewing the amount of sustainable biomass available to the UK and how this could be best used across the economy.

Finally, one of the first steps towards this direction was also taken by Drax Power; as it completed the acquisition of Canadian wood pellet manufacturer Pinnacle Renewable Energy. The deal increased Drax’s annual operational capacity to 4.9 million metric tons of biomass pellets from 2022.

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