Tesla Energy to provide solutions for large-scale sustainable neighborhood

Tesla Energy solar rooftop

Tesla Energy will provide sustainable energy solutions for the first large-scale sustainable neighborhood; in partnership with Dacra and Brookfield Asset Management Inc., companies will build the nation’s most sustainable community.

Firstly, the project is provisionally called SunHouse; it locates at Easton Park, in Austin, Texas. It will be a cluster of homes fully suited to have a Tesla solar rooftop, a Tesla Powerwall, and electric vehicle charger; among other features.

Secondly, the project will combine the real estate expertise of Brookfield and Dacra; with Tesla Energy’s innovative products and knowledge. The solutions for the homes will be phased, to allow ongoing learning and innovation.

Thirdly, the devices for the SunHouse community will be the Tesla V3 solar roof; paired with the Powerwall 2 battery storage. Those will be developed on land in Brookfield Residential’s Easton Park; but will be designed and marketed separately; according to the statement.

Moreover, the first phase of installation began in June, with a sampling of homes under construction. This first phase and initial installations will provide insight and also information on product integration; which will guide the installation at the next phase of significantly more homes.

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Tesla Energy to provide further insight on design and construction

In addition, during the final phase of deployment, the community will be a full-scale neighborhood. It will have the goal of establishing an energy-neutral, sustainable community; and also, a model for the design and construction of sustainable large-scale housing projects around the world.

In this regard, and under the terms of the agreement, Tesla Solar will provide ongoing oversight of the homes’ energy systems; while Brookfield’s renewable power business will integrate a community-wide solar program; to serve broader public use needs and also surrounding neighborhoods.

On the other hand, Brookfield Residential will also incorporate a suite of technology features; including electric vehicle charging stations in each home; and throughout the community. About the relevance of the project and the partnership, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said. “Neighborhood solar installations across all housing types will reshape how people live.”

He also remarked. “Brookfield and Dacra’s commitment to stay at the vanguard of that evolution is what makes them the right collaborator for Tesla Energy.” Finally, Craig Robins, CEO of Dacra, said. “Together with Brookfield and Tesla, we are trying to change the world; by creating technology-driven, also, energy independent communities that make the world a better place.”

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