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AWS in talks to build its 1st renewable energy project in Japan

AWS renewable

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is reportedly in talks for the development of it first renewable energy project in Japan; the company has up to seven data centers across Tokyo and Osaka, and it is looking for ways to feed them with renewable.

Firstly, the retail giant committed itself for a 100% renewable energy by 2030; consequently, the company has been very active on the renewable energy deal business. Whether is for power purchase agreements, or arrangements with renewable natural gas producers.

Secondly, as we reported previously, the company has already nine renewable energy projects across the US, Canada, Spain, Sweden, and the UK; and they are expected to generate up to 8,5 gigawatts of clean electricity.

However, is up to know that the company is aiming Japan as a location for a renewable energy facility. As reported by Japanese media, Amazon would be in talks with trading houses in hopes for a bid for an offshore wind power plant near Akita; while also in talks with private power companies to the actual building of a new solar power plant.

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AWS to feed its data centers in Japan with clean energy

Thirdly, such output would be sent to AWS’s data centers, to feed them; consequently, helping the company with its sustainability goals. In fact, after the nine renewable energy projects mentioned above, and this one, the company should be hitting its target by 2025; five years ahead of its original agenda.

In addition, the company has a 100MW solar farm under development in China; and another 50 MW solar project in Singapore, after a partnership with Sunseap Group.

As for the projects in Japan, Amazon told Japanese media it intends to purchase power from the new power plants on an exclusive basis; rather than procure the renewable output from existing providers.

Finally, back in February Amazon signed an agreement with Shell Energy Europe BV; for the procurement renewable energy from a subsidy-free offshore wind facility in the Netherlands.

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