Roshan Energy partners with U.S. Barrel Energy for battery production

roshan energy battery Barrel

Roshan Energy, the Nigeria-based energy services company has partnered with U.S-based Barrel Energy Inc. for the development of lithium battery solutions; and the installment of production units for these devices in North America, by Barrel; and in India by Roshan.

Firstly, the partnership contemplates the technical resources and expertise of Roshan, and the funds and international marketing of Barrel.

Secondly, the first installation of lithium battery production units will be in New Delhi, India. Thirdly, plans for this facility were developed by Roshan’s CEO and its engineering team leader, S.A. Gafoor.

However, both organizations will work in the plan, design, and development of the further production units across the globe.

According to the statement, Barrel will create a research and development unit within its Nevada Tech Center.

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Expert from Roshan Energy to goin team at Nevada

As we reported previously, Barrel is set to open a tech center in Las Vegas; mainly for the development of EV batteries.

In addition, the new tech center will also be focused to lithium-ion battery metal recycling; as well as battery development, and also to direct metal ion extraction.

Moreover, for the partnership with Roshan Energy, Ashok Shukla, a professor emeritus with 40 years of research experience in the field, will join the team at the center to lead the R&D unit. Consequently, Shukla’s objective will be to design, customize and develop solutions for such recycling and extraction.

Therefore, “Roshan Energy Technologies and Barrel’s partnership’s primary objective is developing superior technologies; also manufacturing of Lithium-Ion batteries utilizing mutual synergies,” the statement reads.

Finally, Arcgen Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Hyderabad, India, will facilitate the joint venture; they specialize in the management and also consulting for technology solutions.

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