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BTES begins construction at New Delivery Point Substation


Last Friday, municipally-owned electric utility Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) announced it broke ground along Highway 394 to build a new delivery point substation.

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In this regard, BTES CEO Dr. Mike Browder explained in a media release; “We plan for projects many years in advance, and this is one of those projects. In fact, our employees determined that additional power supply facilities will be necessary for the very near future; particularly, to maintain the availability, reliability, and resiliency of electric power for the customers in our service area.”

Moreover, “we researched the growth of our service area and worked closely with the Tennessee Valley Authority,” continued Browder. In that way, the utility’s team determined “the best location for this delivery point substation.”

More about the BTES projects

Worth noting, BTES is primarily served by two 161 kV delivery points. Accordingly, one of those points is located in Bluff City and the other in Blountville.

In addition, the utility’s CEO noted that “there continues to be significant interest in bringing new industries to the BTES service area. For instance, to Bristol Tennessee at the Bristol Business Park, Partnership Park II, and other sites.

Lastly, Browder acknowledged that “for economic development activities to continue and take root, it is necessary to have a power delivery system in place; particularly one that can quickly meet the need for development.”

In this sense, the utility shared in the release that the substation will be near the Bristol Business Park and Partnership Park II. Also, as part of the project, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will build just over 14 miles of new transmission power lines in the Bristol area.

Accordingly, Aaron Melda, SVP for TVA’s Transmission and Power Supply group, commented; “As the Bristol area continues to grow, TVA and BTES are partnering to make sure low-cost, reliable power is there to meet the demand.” Thus, he continued, “we see the growth in this area and are working together to meet the future need.”

ESG efforts by TVA

On Monday, and it is worth noting, TVA – from which BTES is a power company partner, released an update on the organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts. Particularly, this action comes as the federally owned corporation carries out its mission of service in the region; also extending its role within the nation’s energy infrastructure.

In this way, interested people can access the update from the ESG Documents for Investors link on the TVA’s Investor Relations website.

Accordingly, TVA’s Chief Financial and Strategy Officer John Thomas said in a news release; “More than ever before, we know that investors are thinking of investments in terms of environmental, social and governance factors. So, they are focused on sustainability.”  

Therefore, “we want our stakeholders to know that TVA is looking at performance through the lens of sustainability; particularly, to help make the best decisions today and for future generations.”

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