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Siemens Gamesa and Energy to create a solution for green hydrogen production

Siemens Gamesa Energy green hydrogen

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy will join forces for the creation of a unique device that will enable vast amounts of green hydrogen production. The device will enable lower production costs, and therefore, it will create a unique platform for decarbonization efforts around the world.

Both companies announced their joint efforts this Wednesday. The device will be a wind-to-hydrogen development; a device that will fully integrate an electrolyzer inside an offshore wind turbine. The device will act a single synchronized system that will produce green hydrogen directly from the power of the wind.

Both companies’ intentions are to demonstrate this unique technology device at full-scale by 2025/2026. The idea is also supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education as a part of its “Hydrogen Republic of Germany” competition.

The investment planned for the developments is of a total of $120 million euros. $80 million euros invested by Siemens Gamesa and the remaining $40 million euros by Siemens energy. Specifically, the electrolyzer will be located at the base of a SG 14-222 DD offshore wind turbine, and will integrate the electrolysis system and the turbine operations fully.

According to the companies’ statement, this approach would ensure reliable, efficient and low-cost green hydrogen at vast proportions. “Siemens Energy will develop a new electrolysis product to not only meet the needs of the harsh maritime offshore environment and be in perfect sync with the wind turbine, but also to create a new competitive benchmark for green hydrogen,” the report underlines.

Siemens turbine green hydrogen

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Siemens Gamesa to create a new market for green hydrogen

When fully deployed, the solution will serve as a test bed for a further large-scale, cost-efficient hydrogen production offshore platform.

“Our wind turbines play a huge role in the decarbonization of the global energy system, and the potential of wind to hydrogen means that we can do this for hard-to-abate industries too. It makes me very proud that our people are a part of shaping a greener future,” said in a statement Andreas Nauen, Siemens Gamesa CEO.

While Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy, concluded: “With these developments, the potential of regions with abundant offshore wind will become accessible for the hydrogen economy. It is a prime example of enabling us to store and transport wind energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint of economy.” 

“We are the company that can leverage its highly flexible electrolyzer technology and create and redefine the future of sustainable offshore energy production.”

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